About us

These are some promoters of good healthy and life longevity: good nutrition, exercise, good night sleep, stress free and Bible.  Healthy Bowls is dedicated to introducing products that support good health.

Our Mission 
To provide a full complement of juicing and food preparation and clean water products that promote healthy living.

Our Goals
Offer superior products at competitive prices, provide knowledgeable customer support, and maintain satisfied clientele.

Our Story 
We have heard lots of compliments about how delicious and healthy our food were in our five years’ operation of our restaurant.  We knew that the demand for healthy living from the public was huge.  So after the closing down of our restaurant due to the insane time requirement on our family, naturally we opened an online store selling products that would facilitate healthy living.  It has been a very fun ride since 2009 when we opened the virtual door here on HealthyBowls.com