Warranty & Service

Many products do have warranty.  Please email for details.

My juicer will not turn on. What should I do?
There are a few things to check. 1) Make sure the socket into which you are plugging the machine works. Kitchen sockets have safety devices that are sensitive and turn off easily. 2) The fuse may be defective. Turn the juicer over; on the bottom there will be a black knob, which is the fuse holder. Turn the fuse holder counter-clockwise to release it. Take out the fuse and replace it. With your juicer you will find an extra fuse that should be affixed to the bottom of the machine. Place the fuse in the holder and turn it clockwise while pushing down to lock into the correct position.

Many manufactures maintain a full stock of parts products we distribute. Warranty parts will provided at no cost other than a shipping fee.  Please email for further details. 

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