AquaCera Twin HCP Counter-Top Filter System with CeraMetix & AquaMetix Filters W9334020


The AquaCera Twin HCP counter-top water filter system with CeraMetix and AquaMetix filters is a dual-stage filter system. Constructed of acetal and polyester materials, the filter housing holds two replaceable filter elements and comes with a CeraMetix filter and an AquaMetix filter. By combining two separate filters in one filter system, your water is filtered twice. This results in near zero concentrations of most drinking water contaminants.

The system comes complete with a diverter valve and 3/8" tubing attached for easy installation. The filters are designed to be used only with cold water.

Its compact size and superior performance make it a good choice for your home, but it's also great for apartments, boats, RVs and second homes. And it's an excellent alternative to costly bottled water, reverse osmosis, distillation or ion exchange technologies.

The AquaCera Twin HCP counter-top water filter system allows filtered or unfiltered water to be drawn from your existing standard kitchen faucet. It connects easily to your faucet via a diverter valve with no tools, and it requires no electricity or permanent modifications to your plumbing. To obtain filtered water, you simply turn the knob on the diverter valve to direct water through the filters and filtered water is delivered through the attached spout. When you turn the diverter knob back, unfiltered water will flow again from the faucet into the sink.

The CeraMetix water filter is a silver impregnated ceramic micro-filter element with a carbon block core. It's designed to reduce most heavy metals, insecticides, herbicides, chlorine, chloramines and  trihalomethanes by more than 90% and fluoride by more than 80%. Pathogenic organisms are reduced more than 99.999%. The AquaMetix water filter is a single-stage block micro-filter designed to reduce heavy metals and most chemical compounds by more than 98% and fluoride by more than 85%.


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