Chanson Calcium Re-mineralizer Filter Cartridge (for adding minerals)


Chanson Calcium Re-mineralizer Filter Cartridge 
  • Chanson calcium and magnesium Re-mineralizer Filter allows your ionizer to work in conjunction with reverse osmosis systems.
  • Inline Re-mineralizer Filter which adds calcium and magnesium in their perfect ratios to your drinking water for long term health results. It is made with only the finest materials and will last for up to 14 months.

Water ionizers require minerals to perform ionization.   Some homeowners have both Reverse Osmosis(RO) water filter systems and ionizers.  Reverse Osmosis(RO) strips water of everything including minerals.  So a Re-mineralizer Filter to add minerals back into the water before ionization is needed.  Replacing minerals in your water supply is not a job for amateurs. We have seen many dangerous re-mineral products on the market including Ceramic coated minerals that have no proof of actual ingredients, or Coral products that contain high levels of Aluminum and Arsenic; and even unhealthy forms of Calcium such as Sulphates.  Low quality Re-mineral formulas also do not break down at the proper speed giving you too many minerals in the first month of use, and not enough for the rest of the life of the product. The Chanson inline Re-mineral has proven to give consistent mineral levels from start to finish, as long as 14 months in some cases!  Chanson is proud to offer the Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide Re-mineral formula. This mineral formula has Calcium and Magnesium in their perfect ratios for long term health results. During ionization, the Calcium and Magnesium in our Re-mineral formula are changed to more absorbable forms, they become "ionic" minerals.  No need to fight a filter housing, or change a messy filter. The hassle-free design allows you to remove the old filter, housing and all, and snap a new one into place quickly and efficiently.We are proud to use only the highest grade ingredients from the actual minerals, to the filter housing and connectors, making this both the safest and best performing Re-mineralization unit on the market.


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