Chanson Miracle Sanitizer - Ozone for Air - Water


About the Product
  • Removes Odors and fumes, Germs, Viruses, Smoke, Fungus and Mildew! Sanitizes, deodorizes, and more
  • Manufacturer One Year Limited Warranty
  • Ozonates the air, water, or oil
  • Sanitize the air you breath. Ozonate your water or oil. Hundreds of uses. Use on clothes, furniture, in your home,

Product Description

The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer reduces and eliminates odors and bacteria from your home.It dispenses activated oxygen from a stone into the air or into water or other liquids and has hundreds of other uses. Because it can replace dozens of chemical toxic cleaners and air fresheners, it's good for your health, your wallet, and the environment! The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer can run commercially all day long every day and NEVER will produce dangerous levels of activated oxygen. Our product is always safe even to be used around small house pets. Once you experience the power of a the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer you will wonder how you ever lived with out it! The Miracle Sanitizer is an all natural, “green”, money saving device that’s declaring war on all pollutants, germs, bacteria, mold, fungi and foul odors in your home and business alike! The Miracle Sanitizer eradicates odors and toxic pollutants just the way nature does, leaving only pure oxygen behind! The Miracle Sanitizer is Mother Nature’s cleansing and detoxifying powers, in a box! There are hundreds of uses for the Miracle Sanitizer, Here are just a few: Deodorize and sanitize shoes, toilet bowls, closets, cars, bathrooms, and refrigerators by placing the bubble stone attached to the Miracle Sanitizer in the desired space and ozonate for 10 minutes.In a room where mold, mildew or foul odors are prevalent, let the Miracle Sanitizer run for 10-20 minutes. May repeat if the room is large or odors are especially strong.Sterilize baby bottles, toys, daycare equipment, and hospitals. For countertops and other surfaces: Place bubble stone in filtered water and ozonate water for 10 minutes (longer depending on the volume of water you are using). Pour water into a spray bottle to spray ozonated water onto surfaces and countertops for cleaning. Ozonated water will hold its antibacterial properties for 15 minutes. Fish Tanks: Place bubble stone in fish tank and ozonate for 10 minutes, or longer depending on tank size.

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 pounds

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