Chanson Water Ultra Triple Pre-Filter System  Under Counter 4 VS 70 ULTRA-MUCION - Healthy Bowls

Chanson Water Ultra Triple Pre-Filter System Under Counter 4 VS 70 ULTRA-MUCION

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New Chanson Ultra Triple Under Counter Pre-Filter System

Chanson Ultra Triple Pre-Filter System

The Chanson Well Water Ultra Triple Pre-Filter System

This configuration is for Under Counter Installation

To be used with Under Counter Water Ionizer

Work with Chanson VS70, Melody, Athena, Delphi
TheChanson Water® Triple Ultra Filter provides amazing filtering capabilities ofharmful pathogens and bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals andcontaminants without removing beneficial minerals from the water.  The Ultra has been configured to those whodraw water from a well.

The Chanson Water® Ultra-filter has .01 micron strands that trap and remove bacterialand viral contaminants from the water supply. Because the smallest bacteriaknown to man are .02 micron, the Ultra-filter can claim removal of majoranti-bacterial properties. 

Filters with a .01 micron size are nothing new;they have been used and promoted as antibacterial filters for many years.  Because the pore size is so small, a .01filter tends to get clogged.   Chanson Ultra's unique design makes it thefirst "non-clogging" .01 Micron filtration system.

With the Chanson Ultra Filter you get trueantibacterial protection which includes

  •         Viruses
  •         Mold andFungus
  •         Spores
  •        E-coliand Coli form bacteria
  •       Giardiaand Crytosporium
  •        99.9% ofall pathogens


  Filter Cartridge Configuration

     STAGE 1: Ultra Filter -Addresses Cryptosporidium, E.Coli, Giardia, Cysts, Viruses, Mold and Fungus,Spores, Coli form bacteria, and 99.9% of all pathogens

STAGE 2: GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) - Addresses chlorine,bad taste and odor, herbicides, pesticides, SOCs (Synthetic Organic Compounds)and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

     STAGE 3: KDF/GAC - Addressesheavy metals, bacteria, sulfur, pesticides and nitrates

  Filter Cartridge Replacement

    The Stage 1 Ultra Filter will last 2-3 years before it needs to bereplaced.  The stage 2 and 3 filters shouldbe replaced approximately every 12 months. 

   The Ultra Filter pre-filtration unit is intended for well water application. If you have city water, please see the Chanson C3 pre-filtration system

   Installation Method

     ULTRA-MUCION  Under Counter Ultra Installation - for use with all brands of under-the-counter water ionizers.Chanson VS70, Melody, Athena, Delphi 

   The first filter with a life time warranty All Chanson ultra filters have full lifetimewarranty on the housings hoses and fittings. Should your filter housing, hosesor fittings ever become damaged for any reason just give us a call and we willmail replacements to you right away. This warranty is exclusively for the ultrafilter.

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