Doulton W9223022 Imperial UltraCarb OBE Ceramic Filter - Healthy Bowls

Doulton W9223022 Imperial UltraCarb OBE Ceramic Filter

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The Doulton Imperial Ultracarb ceramic filter is the perfect choice for your next filter replacement. The W9240001 utilizes a microporous ceramic shell carbon block core and lead removal media providing 99.99 removal of most water contaminants. Additionally because Doulton uses a carbon block interior the water is polished to produce a crisp clean refreshing taste

  • The Doulton Imperial W9223022 cartridge is open on both ends (OBE) and fits in standard 10-Inch filter housings
  • The Doulton W9223022 UltraCarb Filter features a Sterasyl ceramic outer shell and activated carbon block which removes chlorine and organics
  • W9223022 cleanable filter elements are designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, hydrogen sulphide, and lead