Everpure® BW500 Replacement Cartridge - Healthy Bowls

Everpure® BW500 Replacement Cartridge

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  • Reduces Lead & THMs. (Only valid with use of fitting with flow control at 0.5 GPM)
  • Exclusive precoat design reduces up to 99.99% of particles 0.5 µ, including Cyptosporidium.
  • Reduces asbestos fibers, dirt, chloramine, chlorine taste and odor, mold and algae.
  • Scale inhibitor blended into the Micro-Pure® material reduces mineral build-up in water using appliances.
  • Replacing the cartridges is sanitary and as easy as changing a light bulb.
  • Capacity: 480 gallons (1,816 L)
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM