FD-1040HWKIT Gardenmaster Digital Pro Food Dehydrator Package - Healthy Bowls
FD-1040HWKIT Gardenmaster Digital Pro Food Dehydrator Package - Healthy Bowls

FD-1040HWKIT Gardenmaster Digital Pro Food Dehydrator Package

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Our "New Digitally Controlled" unit! Top mounted fan eliminates liquids dripping into the heater chamber. Expands to a giant 20 trays so you can dry large quantities all at once! 1000 watts of drying power means you can dry more, faster. Patented Converga-Flow forces heated air down the exterior pressurized chamber, then horizontally across each individual tray, converging in the center, for fast, even and nutritious drying. No flavor mixing! No need for tray rotation.

Fast, Powerful Fan! A quiet, 2,400-RPM motor and specially designed 4-1/2 inch fan mean faster, more nutritious drying. Four times faster than dryers which have no fan or motors.

Adjustable Thermostat! Different foods need different temperature settings. The adjustable 90-160 degree F digital control gives you the flexibility to get the best results.

Vita-Save Exterior! The opaque exterior blocks light to retain more of the food's nutrients and vitamins during the drying process. 

Expandable to Meet Your Needs! As needs grow, this four-tray unit can be expanded with accessory Add-A-Trays, up to 20 trays (20 sq. ft.) Drying pressure adjusts automatically to the number of trays.

These Gardenmaster Accessories Included FREE! 

No-Spill Fruit Roll Sheet. Perfect for drying semi-liquids: soups, sauces, fruit rolls. Has exclusive "no spill" lips.

Clean-A-Screen. Flexible screen, allows easy drying

of small items such as herbs, spices, and potpourri.

Jerky Spice Packet and Cure - Make your own jerky at home!


Model FD-1040 (changed from FD-1020 on 2/18/13)

Digital Timer is Programmable for up to 48 Hours of Drying Time

1000 watts of drying power!

Patented Converga-Flow.

Adjustable Temperature Control.

Includes 52-page recipe and instruction book, 1 solid sheet, 1 mesh sheet, and 1 packet jerky spice to make great tasting beef jerky or venison jerky.

4.5" Fan, 2400-RPM Motor

Dries in Hours, not days. Fruit rolls 3-6 hours, Beef Jerky 4 hours, Apples 4-6 hours, Bananas 5-8 hours, Pineapple 4-6 hours.

Opaque Vita-Save Exterior (blocks harmful light).

Expandable to 20 trays. No Tray Rotation, 1 Sq. ft. Per tray.

This special package includes these additional value added pieces:

  • 6 trays
  • 3 Clean-a-Screens (total, base model includes 1)
  • 3 Fruit Roll-Up Sheets (total, base model includes 1)
  • 1 BJX-5 Jerky Gun (not included in base model)
  • 6 Original Jerky Spices with Cures (total, base model includes 1)