Product Description

Elpc-20 electroplating cartridge, the elpc series is a premium line of activated carbon filter specifically designed for electroplating solutions; elpc series products have a seven micron nominal rating with superior dirt holding ability due to the fibrous physical structure and manufacturing process that results in a product with true depth filtration; this depth filtration will allow for maximum treatment with minimum pressure drop through the cartridge; cellulose-free construction; resistant to chemical breakdown in both acidic and alkaline solution up to 180 degree (82 degreec); will not contribute to plating porosity or brittleness; integrated post filtration layer to ensure that no carbon fines are bled into the plating bath; end cap gaskets are permanently molded onto the end caps to ease in change-out of filter cartridges (gaskets cannot fall off into the filter housing during installation or removal of filters) description and dimensions; dimensions: 2-7/8" x 20" (73 mm x 248 mm); micron rating (nominal): 7 microns; temperature rating: 40-180 degree (4.4-82.2 degreec); initial p (psi) at flow rate (gpm): 3.4 psi at 2.0 gpm (0.2 bar at 3.8 lpm); filter media: advanced bonded pac; end caps: polypropylene; netting: polyethylene; gasket: santoprene

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