Heavy Duty Clear Full-Flow Big Blue Filter Housing with 1.5" Port & Pressure Release


  • For 10"x4.5" standard cartridges
  • Pipe Size: 1.5" & Presure Release
  • Accessories not include. If you need please email us and price is $18

Product Description

Clear Full-Flow/Big Blue Size Filter Housing for 10" × 4½" Cartridges (1.5" Ports) Model #: YTB-10-CB15-PR Clear 10" Full Flow/Big Blue Size Housing Accepts 10" X 4.5" Cartridges Clear Sump allows for visual inspection of filter cartridge Heavy-duty construction Rated for pressures up to 90 PSI (6.20 bar) Rated for temperatures to 125°F (52°C) Made from FDA grade polypropylene Type: 10" Full-Flow Pipe Size: 1.5" Head: Black Sump: Clear Pressure Release: Yes If you suspect your water pressure will at any time exceed 80 psi, a pressure regulator must be installed. Accessories( Not include): (Accessories add $18) HW500 Polypropylene Wrench for 5000, 10000 & YTB Series Filter Housings OR357-BN70 O-Ring for YTB Big Blue Clear Housings MB-25 Single Housing Mounting Bracket for 5000, 10000 & YTB Series Housings - Steel (include) H-SB-2B Twin Bracket for YTB Full Flow/BB Housings - Steel - Screrws

Technical Details

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