HM Digital TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter With Carrying Case

HM Digital

  • plastic
  • Imported
  • Its Ideal for Commercial Use
  • Its Includes a Carrying Case with Belt Clip
  • Hold Function: Saves Measurements for Convenient Reading and Recording
  • Highly Efficient and Accurate Due to Its Advanced Microprocessor Technology
  • Built-in Digital Thermometer, Display: Large and Easy-to-read LCD Screen.

Product Description

Product Description: A TDS meter (aka ppm pen, nutrient tester, tds stick) is an inexpensive and convenient digital tool to instantly check your overall water quality. TDS = Total Dissolved Solids, which is any salt, metal or mineral in the water. With the push of a button, the TDS-3 can tell you your overall water purity level, which will be displayed on the screen in ppm (parts per million). The lower the TDS level, the purer the water, with 0 ppm being pure H2O. The TDS-3 is great for checking your tap water quality, or knowing when to change a filter. (The meter does not test for biological contaminants.) The TDS-3 is a great tool for drinking water, water filtration and purification, colloidal silver, hydroponics (test your nutrients), aquariums, RO/DI systems, pools and spas, commercial and industrial applications and more. The TDS-3 is a rugged model that includes a protective carrying case. This is the world's most popular handheld TDS meter for industry professionals.

From the Manufacturer

Ideal for commercial use.

Technical Details

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