This item is a suitable replacement for the following brands:Berkefeld®, AquaRain®*, Berkey (Big, Imperial, Crown, Light, Blue, etc.), and other gravity systems.(Compare these filters and save vs InfoWars/Propur that sell for about $70 each!)These new carbon block models have just been released.  Replacing the granular core with a solid block core will increase the overall quaility of the fitraltion and should extend the life of the carbon portion of the filter.  Results are coming soon.P-REX WILL REPLACE ANY DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS WITHIN 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE.


  • Ceramic Outer Shell with Aquametix granular interior. Made of of two types of carbon combined with zeolite minerals to remove fluoride
  • Aprox 1.5 Gallons per hour (Filters a bit slower at first)
  • CeraMetix Imperial Carbon Ceramic Filters (Increases PH of Water)

 The cerametix combines the ceramic technology with the aquametix carbon core technology which uses 2 types of activated carbon to improve taste and remove contaminates as well as zeolite minerals to remove fluoride. The ceramic portion of the filter is fully cleanable. Cerametix will do the job of filtering out all the nasties including fluroide (which most other gravity filters don't take out), while leaving you with refreshing and great tasting mineral water. Cerametix can also naturally raise the PH of your water between .5-1 full ph level.CeraMetix® is the most advanced ceramic filter available.

Made in the USA Silver impregnated to prevent bacteria growth Cleanable for prolonged life  (lightly scrub under clean water with a green scotch bright pad every 90 days or so) 0.5 Micron absolute filtration 100% Removal of cysts (3000+ Gallons) 99.9999% Pathogenic bacteria (3000 + Gallons) NO Backwashing or priming is required ( Just discard the first 2-3 Gallons that run through the system for best taste) >99.9% Efficiency at 0.2 micron >99% Chloramine reduction ( First 1,200 Gallons) >99% Chlorine reduction (First 4,000 Gallons) >99% Lead reduction (First 1,000 Gallons) >99% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction >99% Glyphosate reduction >98% VOC's reduction >98% Heavy metals reduction >92% Nitrates reduction >85% Fluoride reduction RECOMMEND REPLACE EVERY YEAR TO 16 MONTHS UNDER MODERATE TO HEAVY USE OR REPLACE WHEN CLEANING NO LONGER IMPROVES WATER FLOW

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