New Welles Juice Press Peoples Juice Press Juicer White - Healthy Bowls

New Welles Juice Press Peoples Juice Press Juicer White

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Welles Juice Press

Now known as the People's Press


  • Constructed of white powder-coated steel with stainless steel splash plate
  • Dimensions 14" high by 9" x 9"
  • Accessories included
  • Carrying and stabilizing handle
  • ABS plastic tray and press plate
  • Hydraulic valve turned with handle end
  • Welles Juice Press

    Why Press Juice? 

    Pressing Reclaims Lost Nutrients from Vegetable Pulp

    The pulp from organic vegetables is too valuable to be discarded. Pressing actually releases vitamins, minerals and enzymes that literally "bind" to the pulp. The hydraulic presser separates these bioavailable nutrients which act as powerful healing agents by dramatically improving red blood cell function. The "live" enzymes renew the tissues of the body.

    Allows Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables to be Realized

    The healing forces of these "best of vegetables" can only be achieved through pressing.

    Regeneration and Immune Enhancement

    Juice pressing heals disease through regeneration of the cells. Immunity comes from the soils. Pressing vegetable juices releases the immune regenerative forces of the land.

    Homeopathic Chem-free Improves Vitality of Vegetables Dramatically

    This advanced homeopathic product purifies and increases the vital force of the vegetables. The pressed juice from the vital vegetables is quickly assimilated and produces a surprising energy lift. This vital energy is used to heal the body.

    Shipped broke down - Assembles easily in minutes

    Accessories Included with the purchase of the press:

    • 2 Pressing Cloths
    You can also purchase more of the accessories:
    Welles Juice Press Accessories
      Part  One Pressing Cloth $9.49  
      Part  One Pressing Bag $12.49  

    Warranty: It has a one year warranty on the jack and life time on the frame.