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(Package Of 2) Omnipure Q5633 Q-Series Water Filters

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Omnipure Q5633 Q-Series GAC Replacement Information: Easy change system provides a clean method to replace spent cartridges without any mess. Just turn off water & twist to remove filters and replace. The Omnipure Q5633 water filters should be replaced every 2500 gallons or 12 months depending on the quality of your water. The Omnipure Q5633 filter is used as a carbon filter in Stage 2 of the 4-Stage PuROTwist 4000 Reverse Osmosis System. The Q-Series Q5633 filter is also used as a postfilter in Stage 4 of the 4-StagePuROTwist 4000 Reverse Osmosis System. The Omnipure Q5633 is used as a carbon filter in Stage 2 of the 3-StagePuROTwist 3000 Reverse Osmosis System. Omnipure Twist Tap filter heads QNVH B, C, or J, with or without automatic shutoff. If you do not have a head for the Omnipure Q-Series filters, you can purchase one of the Omnipure Q-Series heads below in the Related Products section. These heads are valved which means the water will automatically shut off when replacing the Q-Series water filter. The heads are available with 1/4" quick connect fittings, 1/4" NPT, or 3/8" NPT. . .Omnipure Q5633 Water Filter Specs: Filter Size: 2.5" W x 12" L Max Pressure: 125 psi Max Temperature: 100?F (38?C) Flow Rate: .5 GPMFiltration Media: Acid Washed Granulated Activated Carbon Volume Cubic Inch: 35.5 Service Life: 1 Year or 2500 Gallons Fitting Size: This Q-Series filter is a replacement filter and must be used with an existing Q-Series head. The Q-Series heads are available in 1/4" Quick-Connect fittings, 1/4" NPT female threads, or 3/8" NPT female threads. (Package Of 2)

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